Finding My Tribe

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Oct. 05, 2017

Community means everything to me. Surrounding myself with people, animals and nature inspires and motivates me. It gives me purpose and makes me feel complete. This video is about finding the people that make life worth living. Friends who are family. It's also about living the life you dream of. Last month, Siya and I headed to Mont Tremblant with a few of our friends to attend an incredible event called Wanderlust. I've been wanting to be part of a Wanderlust festival for years, so getting to finally experience it was amazing. What's so special about Wanderlust is the community of open minded, beautiful souls it brings together. Humans who are all searching for connection. Connection with other humans, nature and themselves. Wanderlust is the place where deep connections can be made if you give yourself to it. Amazing things can happen at this festival, and they did for us.