Sorry, I Totally Effed Up I Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca Peru Travel Vlog

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Jun. 16, 2017

The good news is that I didn't fall into the deepest canyon in the world.
Actually, most people say that the Colca Canyon is actually the second deepest canyon in the world. Although, for years it was thought to be the deepest.
This travel vlog took me and my travel photography workshop crew into the Colca Canyon. We headed to a place called Cruz del Condor to photograph the sunrise and then the condors over the Colca Canyon.
The light was pretty flat early in the morning, but, luckily, the condors started flying really early and we got some really incredible sights. In fact, some of the condors even came within about 10 meters and perched in front of us for some photos. Absolutely beautiful animals.
Then, a bit later on we took our group on a hike along the Colca Canyon. Jeff actually got me to pose on a rock leaning out into the canyon. It was about a 2000m drop straight down from where I was standing, so obviously it was quite nerve-wracking. But, I didn't fall into the colca canyon, so it was all good.
In the afternoon, we pushed on toward Puno and Lake Titicaca, but I was feeling really sick, so I actually didn't film that much content towards the end of the day. Being at altitude isn't helping, but I think I actually picked up a stomach bug somewhere here the past couple days.
Hopefully, it gets better because the vlog is taking us on some cool locations such as Lake Titicaca, Cusco, and Machu Picchu, so I really don't want to be sick for that.
Since this is a two-in-one travel vlog, the second part of this takes us out onto Lake Titicaca. We visited Taquile Island and went on a hike and flew the drone a bit. Then, we caught the boat across Lake Titicaca to Amantani Island where we had our homestay.
In the evening, we got out and shot some photography of the lake at sunset.
Tomorrow, there'll be another vlog from Lake Titicaca as the Peru travel vlogs continue.