Tokyo's Weirdest Cafes - Cat Cafe, Owl Cafe, Hedgehog Cafe, Maid Café

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May. 24, 2017

Cat Cafe - The most famous themed Tokyo Cafe has to be the Cat Cafe, and it did not disappoint. There were cats all over the two-floor Cat Cafe Mocha in Shibuya, and the unlimited vending machine refreshments added a nice touch to a fun Tokyo experience. Owl Cafe - As you can see from the video, I had mixed emotions about the Owl Cafe in Tokyo. This one was called Owl Cafe and Bar Owl Village in Harajuku, and the owls just sat there while you learn about them. Tokyo Owl Cafes are growing in popularity, I just don't like seeing birds tied up. Hedgehog Cafe - Harry Hedgehog Cafe was the quirkiest cafe we visited, and it was so cute to see all the hedgehogs around the cafe. There were babies, big guys, and so many to go around for everyone to hold and feed - this is probably my favorite themed Tokyo Cafe. Maid Cafe - Maidreamin in Shibuya is something you have to do while visiting Tokyo. The maid cafe is so much different than anything I have ever experienced before, with Japanese women singing, dancing, and serving in maid costumes - you will never forget this one! Luckily, there are many different maid cafes in Tokyo that you can visit. What is your favorite themed Tokyo Cafe?