Make Traveling Easier On Your Body

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Jun. 23, 2011

Between promotions for my cookbook, and traveling for work, I seem to be living out of a suitcase these days. While I do enjoy traveling, constantly running to and fro can be challenging when trying to stay healthy and fit. Eating an 8 slice of airport pizza, and shirking your workout routine, just doesnt fly when your cookbook is called Sweet Skinny!

So whether you are a frequent flyer, or just need a little extra Sweet Skinny inspiration, here are a few tips I have recently picked up, that will help to make traveling easier on your if only I could master the secrets to getting an automatic upgrade.

1.) Drink green tea, unsweetened, up to 20 ounces a day. Green tea causes the body to secrete more interferon, a key element in your bodys infection protection arsenal. This is vital when you are traveling on planes, or when you are simply feeling worn out and rundown.

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2.) Traveling, or not having time to get to the gym, is not an excuse to skip your workout. Only 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity can burn off as many 200 calories, and will work wonders for your heart and your mind. If you cant get to the gym, or the hotel does not have a problem, just hit the pavement! Whether you want to do squats and lunges, or go for a jog, there are plenty of outdoor exercises that can be enjoyed anywhere. Although my exercise of choice is swimming, when Im traveling and pressed for time, I find that a jog (or walk) around the city can be a great way to get in a workout and take in the sites. Be sure to take your camera phone with you!

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3.) Dont skip meals. Eating well will help keep your energy levels and your immune system up and running. Skipping meals is one of the easiest ways to start making poor food choices, like that 8 slice of airport pizza. If you might not have time for a meal, bring a healthy snack with you. When I am feeling particularly virtuous I carry carrot sticks or fresh fruit. Ok, it has nothing to do with being virtuous. Those are the snacks that I carry when I dont have time to bring along a tastier treat. When I do have time, I love to bring along Sweet Skinny oatmeal sour cherry or PBJ cookies. In fact, during my recent travels I made the PBJ cookies with Liam Mayclem from Eye on the Bay, and tucked a few of the cookies into my purse for emergency snacking.

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As I get ready for my next round of events to promote Sweet Skinny, I am already stocking up on healthy snacks that will help keep me on the straight and narrow when Im on the road.I wouldnt want to make a Sweet Skinny misstep, like actually purchasing that over priced slice of pizza that was calling to me at JFK. Im sure that both my hips, and my pocket book, will thank me!

This article was contributed to my Marisa Churchill. To learn more about Marisa, visit purchase her book, Sweet Skinny:100 Recipes for Enjoying Life's Sweeter Side Without Tipping the Scales visitAmazon.Com.