Is Google Trying To Stifle Your Productivity?

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Feeling a wee bit bored at work? Worry not you can safely turn to Google to keep you entertained. Just type fun facts into the search box of Google and be prepared to be bombarded with random facts or trivia. Did you know that IPA is an acronym for Indian Pale Ale? Or that carrots were purple initially? Wow! The cost of Manhattan was actually 24back in 1626! How Surprising!

Well, if you love that sort of facts unrelated to your work you can amuse yourself endlessly now courtesy Google. Well, is the search engine trying to make us unproductive? Only time will tell. Have fun meanwhile tapping into Googles source of knowledge. It is sure to satiate the curious cat lurking within.

Here are more details. Watch!

Here are a few facts about Google itself. Do Check!

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Image Credit- alltechways