Use A Green Toaster To Clean Your Smartphone

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Aug. 31, 2015

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You simply love your smartphone and cannot imagine leaving it alone for a second. You love checking it for mails or texts and Whatsup messages or FB posts even when you are in the bathroom. It is no wonder than that your phone usually ends up with 7000 bacteria on its surface. You are unaware of it, however, and can spread them around without knowing. No worries though! A brand new device can help you to clean your phone in seconds now!

Enter the Green Toaster, a phone cleaning device that is on trial at present. Created for the Korean e-commerce site, G-market, it claims to remove all microbes from your phone in just 2 minutes (yes, the same time to make a bowl of Maggi noodles). The cleaner is UV ray that has the power to kill off the cells in bacteria without much ado.

You can use it by following the steps given below. Simple, aint it?

Put on any app on your smartphone.
Put it in the Green Toaster.
Press the lever.
The UV light comes on and sterilizes your phone leaving it free of all micro-organisms.
Your phone pops up.

Watch for more details.

Craig Wightman, the designer of the toaster hopes to be able to use it in social settings like a café where you can have your smartphone cleaned while you sip on a cup of cappuccino.

Well, it is not one of its kind though. The PhoneSoap charger will clean your phone while it charges too, also via UV rays. Watch!

Now, it is up to you to choose rightly. Hopefully, the Green Toaster will be available in the market by the time you make your informed choice.

Image Credit: thestable