Netanyahu Claims Iran Violated Israeli Sovereignty With Alleged Drone Incursion

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Feb. 12, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on February 10 accused Iran of violating his countrys sovereignty and said Israel would do whatever is necessary to protect its sovereignty.Netanyahu made his comments as Israeli military said an Iranian drone had entered Israeli airspace on Saturday, February 10, before being destroyed by an Israeli attack helicopter.The alleged incursion was used as the pretext for Israeli strikes on what it described as Iranian targets in Syria. An F-16 was shot down by Syrias air defenses during the incursion.According to Irans semi-state Fars News, Irans foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said, The allegation that an Iranian drone has been flying over Israel and Irans involvement in downing a hostile Israeli fighter jet is too ridiculous to need a response because, basically, the Islamic Republic of Iran has an advisory presence in Syria at the demand of the countrys legitimate and legal government. Date12-02-2018