Why Obamas Drone Strike Civilian Death Count is WAY Too Low

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Jul. 02, 2016

The Obama administration released a civilian death count for drone strikes, and the numbers estimated are shockingly low. With 64-116 estimated dead--a figure that is less than half of the lowest independent estimates--the administration claimed responsibility for 473 strikes, which also killed 2,372 to 2,581 combatants. One reason for the low casualty figures is that Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq were not included in the calculus as they were considered to be active fields of battle. With only a few months left in his final term, and the drone warfare program of the administration serving as a sore point for criticism by many, it seems President Obama has tried to diminish some of the bloodshed caused by his administration. We discuss the suspicious numbers in this Lip News with Nik Zecevic and Jo Ankier.