Ice Cream That Melts, Oops, Does Not Melt In Your Mouth

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Melting ice cream cones and tell-tale stains on your tee will soon be a thing of past promise the food scientists. The new ice cream makers from the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh have arrived at this magical formula for the yummy frozen treat by adding BsIA, a protein that is naturally found in a Japanese breakfast treat known as natto. This protein helps to bind the water, fat, and air of the ice cream together thereby producing a melt resistant variety.

Apart from getting to enjoy your ice cream for a longer period, this particular type promises a win-win situation for all concerned. Check out the reasons for elation

BsIA will not allow crystallization of the frozen dessert and that means a smooth, creamy consistency throughout.
The manufacturers have reason to be happy too as the protein will be able to keep it frozen for a much longer period.
The supply chain will get a respite as well simply because there will be less pressure to maintain the lowest temperature for a long time.
The protein is believed to have water proofing properties too and that makes it viable as an effective coating substance for foods in future.

It is no wonder the researchers are excited beyond belief. It has been fun working on the applied use of a protein that was initially identified due to its practical purpose in bacteria, stated Dr Nicola Stanley-Wal, one of the researchers.

It is expected to be hit the ice cream stands and shelves of super markets within 3-5 years. Here are more details about the super exciting treat. Do Watch!

Image Credit: uncovermichigan