New York Prison Escape And Capture And Rachel Dolezal And Bill Cosby Rape Case Update

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Jun. 30, 2015

The New York prison escape, killing and capture of Richard Matt and David Sweat, and the help they got from Joyce Mitchell, plus how Rachel Dolezal and her transracial fraud wasnt a victimless crime are explored. We also look at the latest in the Bill Cosby rape scandal and what confidentiality agreements with previous accusers will mean for ongoing cases, and discuss how to prevent college sexual assault with Criminal Minds writer/producer retired FBI SSA Jim Clemente in this uncensored Crime Time, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.GUEST BIO:Jim Clemente is a retired FBI agent and current advisor, writer and producer for the TV series "Criminal Minds." A graduate of Fordham University School of Law, Jim was the head of the Child Sex Crimes Prosecution Team in Bronx County for the New York City Law Department. As a result of undercover work that led to the imprisonment of a child sex offender, Clemente was recruited into the FBI. From 1998 until October 2009 he was a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBIs Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. He is an expert in the fields of Sex Crimes Investigations, Sex Offender Behavior, Child Sexual Victimization, and Child Pornography. Clemente has investigated and consulted on thousands of cases involving the violent and sexual crimes, sexual victimization of children, and he has interviewed hundreds of victims and offenders. He has also testified as an expert witness and lectured on these topics across the country and around the world.