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Sep. 25, 2013

Mind boggling Conspiracy Theories-

Ever wonder what the governments doing to your water or the air you breathe. Well you should, it's the government man they're trying to control us with misinformation and mind control. We all know about the JFK assassination, the moon landing being faked, Elvis being alive, and Area 52, but the government wouldn't stop there man! That's why we've brought you Bet you didn't know Conspiracy theories!

Chemtrails from Airplanes:
You know those contrails behind airplanes that you see, which are supposed to be ice crystals and water vapor that condense behind the aircraft? It's theorized that they actually are chemicals and biological agents that the government, or the forces of the New World order, are spraying on us for undisclosed purposes! Although it's been denied by federal agencies and scientists, really makes you think about wearing a gas mask always doesn't it?

Water Flouridation:
Adding fluoride to water is practiced way to reduce tooth decay, but there is evidence to suggest that fluoride has a few harmful side effects, and conspiracy theorists think that the people adding the fluoride know all about this. It's also said that the fluoride lowers mental abilities, so it's used to make the population all a little stupider. Makes a lot of sense, I've been drinking water my whole life, and I'm an idiot!

The Philadelphia Experiment:
The plot of Charles Berlitz's novel of the same name, it's said that during an experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in October of 1943, the US navy destroyer Eldridge was made invisible by scientists who figured out a way to bend light around an object, but the experiment went wrong and Eldridge broke through space and time and rematerialized at sea. Not only that, but several sailors were badly injured and some became one with the ship. Yeah they were supposedly melded onto the ship's structure.

Oil Stockhold:
This conspiracy is one of the more plausible ones. It's said that the oil industries have a vast stock of oil, but keep it all hidden so they can maintain the illusion of scarcity and raise oil prices accordingly. Yeah this is why oligopolies are lame.

Paul McCartney is dead:
Okay this conspiracy is one of the less plausible ones. There's an urban legend that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and was replaced by a look alike sound alike. The evidence for this is found in some of the Beatles' recordings, including statements heard playing songs backwards, symbolism in obscure lyrics, and some ambiguous imagery on album covers, such as the fact that McCartney is the only barefooted Beatle and is out of step on the cover of Abbey Road. I still think he was barefoot because he was a hippy.

Shakespeare was someone else:
So much is unknown about the English language's greatest writer, and many believe there's a lack of evidence to prove that the actor and businessman known as Shakspeare of Stratford was responsible for the immense body of work. Among the suspected candidates for writing the works are Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, William Stanley, and Edward de Vere. It actually would make sense, since there's very little biographical knowledge of the man.