Smithsonian // New York Museums - Ep 6

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Oct. 29, 2019

Follow Gadget through the fascinating Smithsonian Museums as he explores amazing exhibits, such as Focault's pendulum and Edison's light bulb at the Museum of American History, and a 500-year-old Peruvian mummy at the National Geographic Society Explorer's Hall. He also examines the famous life-mask of Abraham Lincoln at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, and checks out retired Navy ships at the Washington Navy Yard and Navy Museum. // The Inspector continues his quest for mystifying museums in New York City where he visits a 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Museum of Natural History, admires the unique architecture of the Guggenheim, and crawls through a people-sized sewer tube at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Next, it's off to the American Immigration Museum to explore the mystery of America's first immigrants, and then to NY Unearthed to uncover some amazing artifacts.