Helper Cars for Kids Learn Colors- A Toddler Learning Video - Car Cartoons for Children

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Oct. 10, 2019

Learn colors for kids with Helper cars and trucks for kids on the KidsFirstTV channel and watch car cartoons for children toddler learning videos! A red car for kids wants to play, but all the ball pits are empty. Where can we find balls for the ball pits? Let's ask big trucks for kids for help! This is a purple truck for kids with purple ball in its body. Unload the balls into the purple ball pit, truck for kids. This is a yellow truck for kids with yellow balls. Helper cars for kids, let's fill all the ball pits with balls and learn colors for kids! Well done, helper cars for kids! Now the small race car can go up the elevator and go down the slide! Watch cars cartoons for kids and learn colors and numbers with Helper cars.