Dinosaur Box Fort Challenge & Escape! Giant T-Rex Dinosaurs for Kids with Chase and Cole Adventures

Our Jurassic World is about to expand with our very first Box Fort Challenge! Our Dinosaur friends went to the store and bought Chase and Cole all the boxes they will need to build their very own Giant Box Fort, but as always, our Dinosaur friends wanted to act a little silly so they hid all of our boxes in the new Dinosaur Park. The boys had to use their favorite Fallen Kingdom Toy, their Jurassic Park Power Wheels to make the trek to the new Dinosaur Park. When they arrived, Chase and Cole couldn't believe how many Dinosaur's were playing in Dinosaur Park and how many were hiding in the secret passages.Did Chase and Cole find all of the boxes to make their very first box fort? Or did their Jurassic Park Power Wheels get stuck?!