Chargin Chip Origin - Cartoon Show For Kids - Food Cartoon - Food Challenge - Battle Bites

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Nov. 09, 2018

Grandma always said that the special ingredient in her chocolate chip cookies was love but when she accidentally spills an extra ingredient on one of her cookies, Chargin' Chip is born! Will he be able to escape Grandma's house or will this cookie crumble?

Written By: Luis O. Ramos, Jr.

Beware of the school cafeteria at night! Because after the lights go off, the battle is on. An experimental chemical brought the food to life. There are stores of this chemical hidden around a middle school, so the Savory and Sweet snacks fight each other to collect it and make more Savory or Sweet respectively. Every night, they come out in search of more Quik N Stiff, leading to battles, mishaps and loads of food fight fun!

Created by Edgar Paredes.