Monster Truck Dan - kung fu soccer

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Sep. 11, 2018

The monster trucks are back and it is the fight between good vs evil all over again. The evil monster truck Tatanka hasnt forgotten his humiliation at the hands of Dan the monster truck and his cartoon trucks friends in the race of giants. Dan and his friends Sparrow and Gizmo are having the time of their lives showing off their football skill on the field. Obviously, the evil trucks Tatanka, Rhyno and Muertos can't stand to see their happiness and so we see a soccer match of epic proportions between two kung fu styled English premiere league wanna be teams. Do they out do their Euro legends they follow so dearly? Does goo triumph over evil once more? Find out in this GOAL episode! Don't forget right at the end of the match we have a very scary Halloween special surprise for our our young fans out there! Monster truck Dan the new age super hero for Older kids, toddlers, children and adults alike!