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Sep. 11, 2018

A day in the jungle turns into a thrilling adventure when the Bottle Squad team Bethany, Blake, Ben and Becca along with their pets chance upon a baby bear who is lost and cant find his mother. Will our super heroes save the day?

Bottle Squad is a superhero babies team, with unique superhero powers. They love going on adventures, engage in fun activities, explore new things, make friends, sing, dance and trigger the imagination.

The Babies are smart, brave, kind, strong, cool, adventurous, heroic, best buddies and aspirational. As a team, they are a force to reckon with. The Bottle Squad team is here to alleviate the fears of kids and solve life lessons through adventures, activities and stories, having fun and being a friend to little toddlers.

Always ready for a mission, they drink their bottles of rainbow milk and are ready to ignite their super powers!

Being with The Bottle Squad team is a fun filled roller coaster adventure filled with humor, wonder and magic that you dont ever want to end.