Be Honest- Good Habits and Manners For Kids

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Sep. 04, 2018

Intro-A Wise Old Owl conjures up a Magic Mirror for Greg and his friends Pat and Emily, who use it as a portal to jump back in time, in order to change situations where they have misbehaved. In this way, they learn meaningful lessons and morals, and Greg becomes a "good" boy.
-- In this episode, Greg, Pat and Emily steal cookies. The wise Owl teaches them the value of not stealing and eating before dinner time. The kids go back in time via the Magic Mirror, and change their actions, as well as the outcome of their actions.
Lyrics: Johnny Johnny, yes Papa.
"Johny, Johny! Yes, Papa
Eating sugar? No, Papa
Telling lies? No, Papa
Open your mouth! Ha! Ha! Ha!