How to Make Origami Lights - Independence Day Special

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Aug. 21, 2018

Hey guys! Happy Independence day! I salute to all those brave people who put their lives on line to protect us everyday. Thank you. I went through your comments on my last video and you all wanted an Independence Day video. Here it is, today we will be learning to make Origami light holders in tricolour dedicated to Independence Day. I've mentioned this in Video as well, that these colours are not exactly the colours of our Flag, this is something I received in my Origami kit and is close to the colours of our National Flag. Phew, now that's clear you can customise it to your liking for any occasion or even for your bedroom decor. So go ahead and make these lovely lights! Lastly be the change you want to see. Take a small initiative which will contribute to the society and to the nation.