Big Foot Crashes SHOPKINS 10th BIRTHDAY PARTY at Kids Glamping Toy Adventure

Do you like Shopkins? Do you believe in Big Foot? Well we say YES to both of those questions. We flew all the way to California with our kids to go Glamping ( glamorous camping) courtesy of Moose Toys to celebrate Shopkins 10th season! We had a huge Shopkins 10th birthday party in Malibu California. All the kids ate snacks, pizza and of course birthday cake!!! Our glamping tent was set up with Shopkins, Shopkins Mini Packs, Treasure X, and Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach toys and Really Rad Robots! We joined 7 other Youtube channels for this amazing once in a lifetime event! We even did a toy opening with Grace from Grace's world!! But as the day went on, we noticed BIG footprints around our camp site. Then we heard some strange noises. We knew right away that BIG FOOT was nearby. We gathered up a team and set out to find the infamous and elusive BIG FOOT! We searched high and low for Big Foot only to find out that he had made a huge mess of our camp site and even ate the Shopkins 10th birthday cake! Watch as we open up fun toys, eat snacks, eat Shopkins birthday cake and hunt for big foot.