Paw Patrol Chase Nerf Shark Toys T-rex vs Catboy

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Aug. 07, 2018

Today, Chase from Paw patrol is chased by a GIANT SHARK!!!!! IRL in real life shark attack and Catboy gets chased by a T REX!!!! He has a Nerf nerf battle!
This a great shark costume and shark toys!!
He is at the beach having some fun outdoors when a crazy shark chases him all over the beach. This is a kid friendly, super fun IRL in real life kids video! He is wearing a fun costume for kids! This shark costume would be great for halloween!
Also in the video! A shark attack!!! A giant ball pit with egg surprises kinder eggs!
Pj masks Catboy is fighting a Dinosaur trex!
His buddy lightning mcqueen is there to help him save the day in this IRL in real life adventure!
Where are Owlette, and Gecko?
Will they come to help Catboy?

Watch PJ Masks Catboy open these awesome Play-Doh surprise eggs! In these four Disney PJ Masks play doh eggs we will find so many fun toys for Kids like, Catboy action figure, Gekko costume, Owlette plush teddy bear!