I Had A Little Nut Tree- Popular Children's Nursery Rhymes

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Mar. 27, 2018

Old Macdonald narrates the story of the nut tree and the princess to her wife in the popular Nursery Rhyme I had a Little Nut Tree, brought to you by Old Macdonald Rhyme.


I had a little nut tree,
Nothing would it bear
But a silver nutmeg,
And a golden pear

The King of Spain's daughter
Came to visit me,
And all for the sake
Of my little nut tree.

Her dress was made of crimson,
Jet black was her hair,
She asked me for my nut tree
And my golden pear.

I said, ""So fair a princess
Never did I see,
I'll give you all the fruit
From my little nut tree.