Appu Saves Penicillin - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

Appus anxious because its well past Neenas usual visiting time and she still isnt here! Just then he spots Tiger running towards them. Between breathless pants, Tiger tells Appu that Neena is sick with something called fever.
Terribly anxious, Appus Atma follows Tiger to their apartment where he hears the doctor tell her parents that she has a terrible throat infection which has given her a high fever. But it isnt a cause for alarm as infections can be treated successfully, all thanks to Alexander Fleming, the scientist who invented the antibiotic, Penicillin.
Her parents soon leave her to rest and Appu sneaks in. He finds Neenas forehead hot with high fever. He remembers the Doctor saying that Penicillin would heal Neena in just a few days. Tiger wishes the scientist wouldve invented something that couldve healed Neena faster.
Well, he just had to say it! Appu decides to see if Dr. Alexander could invent a faster-healing drug and transports them back in time, right into the scientists laboratory. They find him by the trash bin, about to throw a handful of petri dishes. Appus super senses tell him that they are of great importance and he stops the scientist just in time! The inventor is startled out of his wits to have a purple Elephant and a dog in his laboratory, but takes on Appus advice to have another look at samples. What he sees fills him with excitement! He finds a clear area around the mould in the petri dishes, indicating that the mould has properties that couldve destroyed the bacteria!
All Mr. Alexander needs to do now is grow the mould in numbers large enough to produce a healing drug. But the mould growing process proves to be harder than expected and the inventor abandons the research in the middle!
Never-say-never thats Appus motto! He takes the samples to another scientist, Dr. Howard Florey, who is all too excited to carry on the drug research. Their efforts pay off and result in the invention of Penicillin the antibiotic responsible for curing infections and saving countless lives!
Neena is back to health with the Penicillin treatment. And once again an invention is successful All thanks to Appu the Yogic Elephant!