Appu's Kodak Moment - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

When Appu notices Neena taking pictures of her baby brother, he gets very curious about the magical gadget that can trap memories in a frame! Neena shows him the camera and its various parts and explains how it works but his curiosity is still not satisfied. Who made the Camera and how was it made?
Tiger can sense these questions looming on Appu's mind and knows exactly where it's heading. Before he can protest, they are transported back in time into George Eastman's small laboratory! George Eastman is taking a picture of his puppy when the trio magically appear startling the poor puppy out of his wits! Tiger is highly fascinated by the beautiful puppy with her shinning fur and Appu by the big camera placed on a stand. He scrutinizes the different parts - a viewfinder, lens, a negative placed at the back and the aperture.
Mr. Eastman explains that just like a painter paints a portrait using a single brush, a camera captures a moment using a hundred brushes and strokes at one time! The picture is captured on a negative. As the trio follow Mr. Eastman into the darkroom they wonder why it has to be so dark. They get an explanation that it'd because the negative or films are extremely sensitive to light and cannot take anymore light than what has been captures by the camera. They watch him develop the picture and hang it for drying.
Before Appu can bring them back to the present, Mr. Eastman wishes to capture Tiger and his puppy's lively game in his cameras. But by the time he inserts the negative, the special moment is lost as they move apart. The inventor lets out a sigh of disappointment as he's unable to capture the special moment.
Well, the Yogic elephant is not ready to take that! He magically creates a small little plastic roller on the desk with a negative strip rolling around it. Now Mr. Eastman doesn't have to waste precious moments on placing negatives!
Once again, an invention is completed successfully all thanks to Appu the yogic Elelphant!