Appu Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

Sunday is special for Appu as Neena is allowed to spend the whole day with him in the forest! But today is an extra-special Sunday because they are going to have a picnic! An assortment of goodies packed in baskets and banana leave wrappers is laid on the mat by the water hole and they gather around eager to unwrap and begin their meal. Neenas brought something that they have never eaten before. Its a packet of Chocolate Chip Cookies! Soon their chatters are engulfed by sounds of crunches and munches and they all declare in unison that Chocolate Chip Cookie is the best thing they couldve have ever eaten!
That has Appu questioning Neena about who made them and how. While his magic vision answers the first question he decides to visit Ruth Wakefields kitchen to see how she mustve made them.
So, much to Tigers annoyance, Appu transports them back in time to The Toll House Inn. They find Ruth in the kitchen rummaging through her supplies looking for baking chocolate to use for making cookies. But much to her dismay, they are out of stock! Just then they realize the presence of Appu, Neena and Tiger. Before the two women begin to freak out at the sight of them in their kitchen, Appu tells them they are from the future and humbles them by complimenting them on their out-of-the-world cookie invention.
Sue suggests they use vanilla instead of chocolate but Appu suggests they use the Nestle Baking Chocolate bar that magically appears in his hand. He further advices Sue to break it into chunks instead of melting the bar in a boiler. The women are thoroughly startled by his magic as he makes the baking tray float from the shelf and line in the oven. A delicious aroma begins to trail out from the oven instantly. The cookies are baked in a jiffy and the baking try again floats out of the oven and on to the slab by itself!
Ruth and Sues doubts are put to rest as they sample the cookies. They are delicious beyond anything they have cooked before! Highly pleased, Ruth honors Appu by giving him the right to name the delights. And what do you think he names them? Well, Chocolate Chip Cookies of course!