Appu Meets Charles Babbage - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

The human world seems to uncover new surprises for the Yogic Elephant each time he visits Neena's place. This time his fancy is caught by a machine that's helping Neena do her homework. Appu watches Neena type on the keyboard. There a 'clickety-clack' and a print comes out of the printer!
Neena tells him that's a Computer. It can help her with her homework and also play songs and movies! Appu's learns that the computer can process and also store large amount of data in its memory! Quiet like a super yogic brain! Not used to having to share Neena's attention, Tiger boasts about having a smarter brain that can think faster than a computer as he knows that at that moment Appu is wondering who made the computer and wishes to go meet him!
Surprised and amused, Appu magically creates a portal and the trio disappears only to appear in Mr. Charles Babbage's office! It is a hub of large machines and an engine that looks like an abacus with beads and buttons. Babbage is immersed in handwritten notes and the blue print of the smart 'analytical engine' that he's planning to make - An engine that would store data large enough to fit his room.
Appu immediately creates a virtual 'analytical engine' to match the blue print. Mr. Babbage points at four different parts on the machine that are the Input, Memory, Processor and Output. He explains that the data would be stored in its memory.
The three friends are then introduced to Mrs. Ada Lovelace, who is a programmer. She predicts that Mr. Babbage's 'Analytical Engine' is one day going to run the future!
Appu catches Mr. Babbage writing down the analyzed data and creates a printer to further hasten the process. Mr. Babbage is delighted!
And once again, kudos to Appu the yogic elephant for helping in the invention of yet another modern invention - the computer!