Appu Meets The Wright Brothers - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

Its another lovely day in Upvan Forest and Appu is lazing under the trees with Neena and Tiger, watching and counting birds! Just then he spots a super large bird flying across the sky. Neena tells him its not a bird but an airplane that transports people through air! But that sounds unbelievable! Appu is highly fascinated and wants to know who made it and how? Neena shows him the various parts of the plane on her phone and also provides an explanation for the various questions that the curious Elephant Calf shoots!
Still not completely satisfied, Appu decides to pay a visit to the men who invented the Airplane the Wright Brothers! The trio magically disappear to appear in the open hilly area of Kitty Hawk. The Wright Brothers are fixing the wing of an airplane placed in the centre of the hill.
Wilbur Wright gets in the pilot seat and is ready to fly but the plane jerks out of control and crashes before it can take off! ORVILLE rushes to help his brother out of the wreckage. To the surprise and relief of the brothers, the Yogic Elephant magically fixes the plane. With a little more magic he adds two more seats to the single seat in the plane, making it a three seater! And then suggests they give it another try. Once the plane begins moving on the rail it begins to shake just like before!
Appu blows hard on the ground and creates a thrust for the plane to take off. It does! But their woes are not over as they are headed right into a hill! Appu focuses again and magically creates a steering column in the plane. Wilbur Wright steers the plane right and the plane safely flies upwards, barely scaling the tip of the mountain.
They are back on the ground after a successful flying trip. The Wright Brothers are overwhelmed by Appus help in making their invention a success. And to show their gratitude, they suggest he uses their Airplane to go back home! Well, they couldnt be happier! They take off with cheerful waves and a Wohooo - flying home in the first airplane!