Appu Meets Karl Benz - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

Appu visits the city with Neena and is astonished to see a strange animal that runs faster than a cheetah and has wheels! Neena tells him it's a car! Intrigued by the human transporting machine, he explores the cars parked around and is highly fascinated by the machinery and its functioning.
That get's him curious about how it was made and the trio are transported to the world of Karls Benz. They catch Mr. Benz in his messy backyard working on a classic vehicle. He tells them how the idea of having a 'horseless' carriage inspired him to substitute the horse with an engine which resulted in the invention of the modern car.
Appu, Neena and Tiger are introduced to his wife, Bertha, who is all set to go on a long drive in her husband's invention. They are thrilled as she invites them to join her. They enjoy the drive through beautiful landscapes speeding down gentle slopes. Until they are met with a road-block right in their path! Appu is alarmed to find that the car has no gears or a brake. Remembering his exploration of the cars in the city, Appu magically creates a brake next to the accelerator. They heave a sigh of relief as the car stops just inches away from a tree!
Safely back in the backyard, Bertha demonstrates the brake to Benz. He is delighted and grateful for Appu's help in adding a final touch to complete his invention.
But the 'horseless carriage' needs a more appropriate name! The Yogic Elephant suggests to name it a Car!