Appu Meets Thomas Edison - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

Neena's play time is over and the sun has already set. As Appu's Aatma is escorting Neena and Tiger back home he notices the well-lit homes and streets. Watching the moon shining through Neena's window he wonders if the lamp on her table is lit from the moonlight or the sunlight. Neena tells him that it is artificial light that comes from electricity. Electricity not only lights homes but also powers refrigerators, televisions and other electrical gadgets! Appu carefully examines the bulb and is curious to know how it was made and meet the person who made it!
To Tiger's amazement he magically creates a portal and the three friends soon find themselves in an 18th century Boulevard, right in front of Thomas Edison's house! Appu notices the streets lit with lamps which Neena says could be running from gas. Appu wonders why gas cannot be used to light houses. Just then Edison comes out and explains that it's because gas could heat up small rooms and cause accidents. He is happy to see them and invites them to his laboratory.
He shows them his invention - the filament of a bulb, made from the metal Tungsten. He explains that since it has a high melting point it lights without melting or burning the surrounding. So it is safer to use for lighting than gas or candles.
But there's a hitch! Mr. Edison has made the filament but it needs a cover that protects it while it allows light to pass through. Well, he doesn't have to worry with Appu around! Appu takes a piece of glass and shapes it into a bulb. Mr. Edison covers the filament with the bulb shaped glass. And whoa! The light from the filament reflects through and lights up the room!
Thanks again to Appu for helping Mr. Edison complete his invention of the light bulb!