Appu Meets Graham Bell - 4k

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Feb. 26, 2018

How can two people, in different destinations that are miles apart, communicate using a device? That is the question that looms over Appu as he watches Neena talk with her father on the phone.
His intrigue takes them back in time to meet Graham Bell - the inventor of Telephone. They find him deep in his experiments, tangled between wires and mechanical devices. He shares his idea of combining sound waves with electric energy. And shows them how by using two cups and some threads communication can be made possible between two people in different rooms. He aims to expand the experiment and make a device through which sound waves will be able to travel to a longer distance.
But despite all the wires and calculated steps, and much to his disappointment, Bell is unable to make the sound travel through the wires! Here's when the Yogic elephant steps in to help!
Appu watches the mess of the tangled wires and with his magic vision discovers that sound waves can be transmitted through a single wire. Impressed with Appu's idea, Bell disconnects all other wires except one.
There's a crackle in the phone and he can actually hear Watson, who is in the other room, through the device! There's much jubilation as they celebrate the invention of the communication device.
But what should it be called? Why TELEPHONE of course!