What Sinks And What Floats - 4k

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Feb. 22, 2018

What Floats and What Sinks? Remains the question. Appu's jungle friends wonder what makes some things keep from drowning? Neena helps in their learning expedition. This follows a series of experiments.
King and Queen are awfully surprised that so many huge objects can gracefully float while a teeny weeny grape sinks to the bottom. They understand that weight and distribution of it has a lot to do with anything to be drown resistant.
As the experiments and learning continue, with leaves, coins and more, the monkey couple suddenly shift their focus to their apple... It's bouncing away in the stream.
What do they do? Jump in! They can't swim! Is there anything that can get them back to the bank? Appu 'magics' something so that they can float to safety!