Playing With Light and Shadow - 4k

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Feb. 22, 2018

Appu, Neena, Tiger, King and Queen Lee play a game of tag. Guess who King tags? His own shadow! He treats it as a person. Neena and Appu show him how it's his body blocking the sunlight.
Now it's time for a lesson in translucence, transparency, and opaqueness... Neena pulls out different things that she has to show them how each respond to light. Everybody is fascinated.
There is one more fascinating trick that Neena plans to show. A shadow puppet story! But, but, but... place needs to be dark... She invites the gang to join her in her bedroom.
All set, Neena's mother closes the door once she gets into her night clothes. One after the other her friends walk in and they all gather around. Just towards the end of the story, mom opens the door! Watch the episode to know if she sees them!