Appu And Friends Learn First Aid - 4k

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Feb. 22, 2018

First aid is the most basic form of health tip. You need it to keep your wounds from becoming bigger and infected. There are things you can do yourself. That's what Appu and gang are set to find out.
Neena's little toy first aid is a lot of fun and educative too. The trio have fun treating little Amanda Jean who seems like quite a 'wreck', with a bloody nose, a goose egg bump on her head and a scratch on her arm.
Just when Neena and others are done treating poor little Amanda Jean, King Lee swings into the scene and bumps his head. OUCH! His head, of course gets swollen and grows bigger in size. Appu, Neena and Tiger know exactly what to do, now that they've practiced on their little doll.
Appu gets the actual stuff, and King starts healing instantly. The ice pack makes him feel much better. The awfully big bump on his head comes down, slowly but surely.
Queen panics all through but she makes sure King is all treated well. Watch Appu and his friends get a hands on experience of treating an injured friend.