Appu And Friends Ramp It Up - 4k

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Feb. 22, 2018

King and Queen Lee find a 'musical instrument' and they are excited about it. They drum on it, and get a response that it's kind of 'one-note'. Igress tells them she's seen those being ridden on in the zoo.
Riding on a musical instrument strikes as odd to the monkey couple. They try it nevertheless. They try skating on different surfaces. On mud, in water, and on a grassy patch. No luck. It won't move.
They deemed it to be a broken instrument until Neena shows up and tells them all about it. She gets Appu to magic a ramp. The steeper and steeper, the faster the monkeys go. They understand the principle, and they have a whole lot of fun applying it in play.
The monkey couple get innovative. They invent moves, and roll faster and faster. Neena asks Appu to magic a half-pipe to spice up the sport. King and Queen Lee show what a pro they can be on a skate board.
It's a delight watching them. All thanks to Appu. Are you all set to ramp it up, and join the fun? Watch this episode!