Appu And Friends Find Some Balance - 4k

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Feb. 22, 2018

Appu is all set to explore another principle in STEM. All about weight and balance. What prompts him is all the more beautiful, a sunny and breezy afternoon that calls for a boat ride.
Appu, Neena, Tiger and gang are all set to row away in the water. They have one big problem. The boat keeps tipping to one end, and almost sinks. Queen Lee believes they are going to go down like the Titanic...
Of course, not. Appu won't let something like that happen. He rises up to the occasion. He decides to solve the problem with the help of science.
There is a scientific concept that the whole gang needs to learn. It will certainly help them with the balancing act... A good understanding of weights! Neena gets Appu to magic a basic scale and from there on there is no stopping them.
They all equal out and they are all set to row, row, row their boat. But who is up for some rowing? Nobody. It's a pretty day and it would be nice if Appu could find a way to get the boat moving. Watch this episode to know how this gang solves a problem with a little of bit of science and Appu's magic.