Appu Helps Rapunzel (4K)

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Feb. 21, 2018

It's story time. Appu, Neena and Tiger, the fantastic trio sit together with a book open on a sunny day. They read a story about long and bad hair-day...

Rapunzel who thought she had the perfect means to let her prince in loses it. The poor prince stands under her balcony calling out to her in vain. Does it sound like an Appu mission-to-be-accomplished?

Appu, Neena and Tiger dive into the story to look into the tangled affair. Rapunzel snips off her braid and she has nothing to pull her prince into her chamber with. To make things more slippery, she has added gel to her lovely hair.

The trio and Rapunzel keep pulling him up, but the braid slips away making her prince land on his back (ouch!) with a thud. Appu could easily magic him into the tower, but would it be heroic on our Prince's part? He has to make that effort, right? Or how else could he show he loves his princess?

Scaling a tower is the least any prince could do for his lady love. Appu magics a hair ladder so that he can climb up, but there is just one problem...

The witch stands right beneath the tower and starts climbing the ladder. She threatens our fairytale couple and our lovely trio. Now, it's once again up Appu to see that they're all safe.