Appu Demonstrates Patience (4K)

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Feb. 21, 2018

There is one important quality that all Yogic elephants have, its something valuable Something we all ought to learn. Patience!

Patience is something that monkeys and humans have the least. Here is King and Queen Lee trying their best to stay still. Neena promises them that she'll buy fruits for everyone in the forest. Tiger has a hard time entertaining them and making sure theyre not seen.

Nothing works. Soon Appu atma flies hin. He has a trunk full of solutions for them. He lays them all out. Standing on one hand, breathing in deep and meditating on the sweetness of the reward they will soon bite into.

The monkey couple just wont listen. They want a banana? Theyll go for it and grab it. There is no stopping this frisky duo.

King and Queen Lee sprint to a fruit shop and lift a banana. Do they go unnoticed? No! They leap, leap, leap away, as the vendor runs after them, calling the zoo keepers on the phone.
It's too late and they get TRAAPPED! Will Appu rescue them or will they live in the zoo the rest of their lives?