Appu Makes A Rainbow (4K)

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Feb. 21, 2018

Now, what's this special yogic calf up to? He and his friends know how to spice up and make the most of a rainy day. Neena and Tiger are always up for an adventure, and so are their jungle friends. They are curious about all the things around they can't stop investigating.
This fantastic group is on a special mission this time... They've gotta be quick! Run to the spot and find out if they're right...
Any guesses what Appu, Neena, Tiger and their friends are looking for? Here is your hint-- you see it after a rain. Yes, a rainbow! You know, as far as the myth goes, there's a pot of gold or a leaping leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. Do you think it's true? What would you want to find if you were to chase after a rainbow?
Think of all the wonderful things you might want under that rainbow... Candies, treats, chocolate fountain? Now what do you think these animals would look for? Something that they eat or store as precious gifts. They all want different things, and they believe they'll find them at the end of the rainbow.
They learn all they need to know about the rainbow as they go chasing after it. They chant out the colors and have a whole lot of fun! Do you know what colors the rainbow is made of? Ah well, Neena has an easy way to remember all the colors... You'll know them all in no time. There are seven merging into one another, and it's one of the most beautiful things in nature.
But there is one little downside... Rainbows last for only a few minutes. When the time is up it fades out... The friends learn it too late.... No more rain drops in the air, and sun shining through them... POOF it disappears to all their disappointment.
Now who could solve the mystery? How do you know what's at the other of a rainbow if you don't have one. They all stare at the plain blue sky and sigh to themselves.
The friends hang their heads low, and walk with a grouch. However, their grouch lasts for only a few minutes, and they are cheerful in minutes. Our special Yogic hero gets an instant and brilliant idea...
Appu creates a gorgeous rainbow. A vibrant splash of those seven special colors across the sky... The friends are of course overjoyed. How can he possibly make all the colors from the spectrum by himself? He's a yogic elephant, of course he can. He plays with light and creates a spectacle. They all run, run, run, towards the end of the huge raibow.
What do they all find at the end of the rainbow? How long will Appu's rainbow last? Does it come with an expiry time too? Do you think they'll find what they are looking for? Now, that's something for you to find out. Watch the episode!