The Time That Summer Forgot - Summer In Transylvania - Episode 1 - Full Episode

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Sep. 05, 2017

Summer Farley, a human, finds herself moving to Transylvania due to her Dad's New Job. Summer doesn't think anything strange is going on at first until she starts attending 'Stoker High' and realises it is full of creatures like Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires. Summer meets two friends Heidi (a Zombie) and Bobby (a Werewolf). As Summer starts settling she finds out about the upcoming Halloween Dance and wants everything to be perfect. When it all goes wrong, she uses a time machine her father created and goes back in time, again and again until she feels everything is perfect. In the process, Summer makes an enemy of a vampire called Serena the head of the Social Committee. In this episode we find out that Bobbie has started to gain 'feelings' for Summer.