Natural Disaster Survival Family Fun Kids Pretend Playtime for kids with Legos

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Jun. 15, 2017

NATURAL DISASTER SURVIVAL Family FunKids Pretend Playtime with Fuzzy Puppet ToysReview! Fuz has been playing Roblox and Fuz's Family thought it would be fun to try to survive a real life natural disaster Pretend video! We're surviving Tornado, acid rain, flash flood,earthquake, sandstorm,and more! Great Video for children who loves watching funny videos that are kid friendly! Family Game Night! Let's Play Legos and Roblox Survive The Tornado game. A new LEGO Friends video with police lego cars, firetrucks and lego construction workers! A great lego Speed Build Review!
The LEGO Friends has an emergency entrance for those arriving by ambulance or helicopter. Includes 3 mini-doll figures plus a newborn baby figure. Legoland with minifigure cab, folding crane arm, observation room and space for the included motorbike on the back, plus an amphibious vehicle with minifigure cab, and cave and temple build. Includes 7 minifigures, a pilot, 2 drivers and 4 scientist/explorers. Features a helicopter with minifigure cockpit, winch, spinning rotors and pontoons, plus a heavy observation truck with an articulated crane arm, room for the kayak on top and motorcycle on the back, and an amphibious vehicle with Lego minifigure cockpit and storage compartments. Also includes a plane wreck build with opening cockpit and room for a box, a cave with leopard pounce function, a temple with boulder release and trapdoor functions.