Domestic Animals Children Learning Songs and Original Songs for Kids

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Feb. 25, 2017

Hippy Hoppy Show brings to you their new original learning song Domestic Animals. Have fun as you learn about all the domestic animals and have a great time with Hippy and Hoppy.


Dogs are loyal, dogs are great,
They keep our homes very safe.
Cats are cute cats are nice,
They keep our home free of mice.
Cows are big and they eat grass,
They give us mik in a glass.

A horse is strong and full of pride,
They give us all a merry ride.
A camel is tall and has a hump,
We ride it with a bump bump bump.
Sheep are nice with lots of wool,
They keep us warm when it is cool.

Goats have horns and give us milk,
We make cheese as smooth as silk.
Donkey is strong and has long ears,
In the mountains they are our cars.
Hens run around eating corn all day,
And then a nice brown egg they lay.