Nerf War Mega vs Elite

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Feb. 07, 2017

In this 4k episode of Twin Toys, PBT Squad members twins Eli and Liam, Mommy and Daddy battle it out in a Mega vs Elite ultimate Call of Duty team death match Nerf war. Liam still wants to get back at Daddy for scaring him with the killer clown, but it will be Eli who will stand between Liam and Mommy since he decided to join forces with psycho Daddy. Who will win in this crazy PBT family mega vs elite team death match warfare.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys. The Nerf guns used in this video are every single Mega and N Strike blaster like the double breach, thunderbow, hotshot, rotofury, hail fire, stockade, retaliator, rampage, rhino fire, mastodon and many many more from the twins Nerf Arsenal.