On Thanksgiving Day Song for Kids - Thanksgiving Songs for Children

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Oct. 17, 2016

Listen to our On Thanksgiving Day' song and sing along with the kids!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you
Lets all say thank-you
We will all say thank-you
On this special day
Thank-you, thank you, thank-you
Lets all say thank-you
On Thanksgiving Day!

Many, many years ago
When pilgrims first arrived
Crops were small, this made it all
A challenge to survive
In honor of their hard work
They all gathered round and dined
And gave their thanks at harvest time

We celebrate this holiday
With friends and family
And thank the Lord for all our gifts
This joyful jubilee
Theres turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie
Enough for everyone
Lets eat and drink and have some fun