Hygiene Learning Songs and Original Songs for Kids

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Sep. 27, 2016

Monster Family presents their Original Learning Song Hygiene. Learn how to be neat and clean all time of the day as you learn it from The Monster Family.


I wash my hands and fingers too,
Scrub scrub scrub its good for you.
Soap and water get rid of dirt,
Cleaning your hands is very smart.
I like icecream, I like cakes,
I like candy and milkshakes.
I brush my teeth every night,
Brush up and down yes that's right.

My friends and I we play in the park,
Mud and grass sure leaves a mark.
I like my bath with bubbles plenty,
Ducky and I are clean as a penny.
Staying clean is very wise,
You look so good and smell so nice.
Germs and sickness stay away,
So let's stay clean all by the day.