Twinkle Twinkle Popular Children's Nursery Rhyme

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Aug. 09, 2016

Frodo and Chichi will take you to the stars and play with you in the sky as you sing along your favourite nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle. Have fun in the sky with the twinkling stars with Frodo and Chichi.


Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the wall so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon.
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle Twinkle all the night.

Then the traveller in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark.
He did not know which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep.
For you never shut your eyes,
Till the sun is in the sky.