Ultimate Breaking Bad Facts (4/4) - Season 5B Trivia Video - 166 Facts About Breaking Bad

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Dec. 15, 2015

Breaking Bad Trivia Facts Video (4/4): Every Fact about Breaking Bad Season 5B You Didn't KnowSPOILERSWe've brought all the Trivia about Breaking Bad for all the Super Fans of Breaking BadSeason 5 B134. 509, Blood Money is the first episode to have the correct electron configuration for barium.135. Godfather Reference136. 510 is Buried because walt buries the money, Walt and Skyler's secrets are unburied, and because of this buried cook lab137. These barrels actually weighed 100 lbs each so that the physics would be correct and Cranston actually did all that lifting138. Belize is a reference to Cranston's death scene in Drive139. Baby Stealing Scene: All of the audio in this scene was from a different take where they used a fake baby140. 511 is Confessions because of walt's confession and Saul's Confessions and Walt's confession harkens back to the pilot141. The teaser of this episode plays the song Gonna Romp Stomp, since Romper Stomper is a slang term for a Skinhead.142. Jack's wiping the blood off of his shoe is reminiscent of when Mike does the same thing in 402143. 512 is Rabid Dog because of Saul's reference to Old Yeller and it's referring back to Problem Dog144. Subliminal Bear145. Check out that book next to Jesse (The Rat)146. Saul has the same clothes as Scarface147. Walt's Hotel room has pictures of T'hajilee, which is where Walt Buries the money, and it's also the title of 513.148. These are real brains! I guess at this point they had a lot of F. U. brains money149. Huell mentions Lariat which is the rental car agency that Mulder and Skully always use in the X files150. 514 is Ozymandias, named after a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley about the inevitable fall of kings and empires and there's a promo of Cranston reading the poem.151. The dirt breaking under Cranston's head was actually a rig made from a separating plate152. Walt rolls his barrel by the pants he lost in the pilot153. The writer of 514 has a cameo in this episode as does Benny from Santana 154. The chess board in this scene is set up very specifically where the White King is one move away from a check mate. 155. Holly crying Mama was an unscripted baby adlib and Cranston just went with it!156. This episode was almost called Stray Dog for the dog at the end of the episode, which would be the 3rd dog reference, Gale being Problem Dog, Jesse being the Rabid Dog, and Walt being the Stray Dog.157. 515 is Granite State, the nickname of New Hampshire, but also because of everyone's rocky and granitey state, and the poem Ozymandias was inspired by a broken granite statue of Ramesses II, referring to his fallen reign158. Walt takes the name Lambert, which is actually Skyler's Maiden Name.159. Skyler's space out is a lot like Walt's in the Pilot160. 516 is Felina, the subject matter of the Marty Robbins song El Paso, which is about going to certain death in order to get back to a girl named Felina. It's also an anagram for Finale and it kind of sounds like Feline, for Walt's catlike evasion during his 9th life.161. This shot with Skyler in the Microwave was a complete accident found while editing162. If you were wondering why Walt leaves his watch on the payphone, it's actually because Walt wasn't wearing the watch in the teaser of 501, but storywise it could represent the fact that time has run out, or severing the connection to Jesse, or leaving behind his heisenberg persona for one that was much closer to the honor of Mike163. The ending of this episode was reminiscent of the searchers, where a cowboy wants to murder a family member because she'd been captured by injuns, but when he comes to the moment, he saves her instead.164. The gun contraption worked exactly the same in real life as it was written to in the episode. It was really mounted into the car, oscillating with a garage door motor, and controlled by a key fob! 165. Jack's Death parallels Hanks, with the mid sentence death and the fact that Jack offers Walt his money back.166. And in his final moment with the meth lab, Walt actually makes a W with his blood, and he actually kind of looks like heisenberg in the reflection.