Ultimate Breaking Bad Facts (3/4) Season 5A Trivia Video 133 Facts About Breaking Bad

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Dec. 07, 2015

Breaking Bad Trivia Facts Video (3/4): Every Fact about Breaking Bad Season 5A You Didn't Know


We've brought all the Trivia about Breaking Bad for all the Super Fans of Breaking Bad
Season 5 A

101. 501 is Live Free or Die for New Hampshire's state motto
102. The magnet gag in this episode was done with wires attached to the objects that were erased in post. They also had a rig that actually tipped over the truck and they got it out in post rotoscopying around all the cops.
103. In the teaser of 502, Madrigal, one of the restaurants Schuler passes is Burger Matic, which is a reference to a RomCom written by Vince Gilligan called Home Fries
104. I bet you didn't notice the book on Walt's nightstand when he hides the ricin bastard
105. Kaylee's Blue is Good
106. This end scene was actually supposed to end with Skyler administering a pre-emptive handjob
107. This episode is referenced in a simpson's couch
108. The production had to buy all the tortillas made in this scene because no one was wearing a hairnet.
109. 504 is 51, referenced by this mug Because at this point Walt Might be more Heisenberg than Walter White.
110. This is the same watch as the one Steve Mcqueen, who died of lung cancer, wore in Le Mans
111. Ratatouille reference
112. The last watch tick of 504 is a Gun Cocking
113. Forshadowing
114. 505 is dead freight which is what they call empty train cars when shipping things via train.
115. Possible Therapist name
116. The location is the same hill they used in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
117. They married a shot of aaron paul and a shot of the train passing by, and it's the same thing with Kuby in front of the truck
118. 506 is Buyout from Walt's vague story about Gray Matter.
119. They didn't use a fake arm for the child melting scene, they actually had the kid in a shell under the dirt in the dump truck
120. Louis Ferreira did Mazda Ads
121. 507 is Say My name originally titled Everybody wins
122. Lawyer dan goes into Cradock Marine Bank which is a reference to X-files episode Monday. In the episode a woman lives a day over and over in a groundhog day-ish scenario where her boyfriend robs Cradock Marine Bank every day,
123. 508 is named over a Walt Whitman poem, Gliding over all. The poem is about a journey of the soul, the last line mentioning singing many deaths
124. This leaves of grass book sold at auction for 65,400
125. The prison killings were done in a real and unsanitary abandoned prison.
126. The fire stunt was done by actually setting the stuntman on fire
127. Walt Sees a Fly referencing fly
128. This painting is the same one as the hospital in season 2
129. He's on the MRI Machine just like in the pilot
130. They showed the Damaged paper towel dispenser from season 2
131. Both Lydia and Tuco say "We're gonna make a loootta money together."
132. Both Mike and Walter say "Learn to Take Yes for an answer"
133. They mirrored the season 2 flash-forward in the patio scene, they replaced he snail with a beetle referencing that one in Peekaboo