Let's Learn About Transport

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Sep. 28, 2015

Ozzie teaches Suzie the song about transport.

Zoom-zoom-zoom goes the red car,
Now I wonder where you are.
Driving up and down the streets all day,
Stop and go you never stay.

There's a blue airplane way up high,
With silver wings lets watch it fly.
The pilot in the cockpit brings it down,
Swooping and gliding to the ground.

Down by the station early in the morning,
Listen to the driver whistle a warning.
See the green train cars all in a row,
Toot-toot toot-toot off we go.

Beep beep beep goes the big yellow bus,
It carries so many people without any fuss.
Four big wheels and lots of seats,
Beep beep beep rolling down the street.