The Shapes Song

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Aug. 05, 2015

I am a circle, I go round and round.
Like a purple ball rolling on the ground.
I go round and round just like the moon,
Like a jelly doughnut and the yellow sun.

I am a square, I have four equal sides,
Like a red box and like a rubik's cube.
Like the dice that we roll for games that we play,
Like the ice cube that soon melts away.

I am a triangle, I have three corners,
Hey look at me I have three sides,
Like an ice cream cone that's upside down,
Like the signs we see all around town.

I am a rectangle, I have four sides.Two sides longer than the other two.Like a swimming pool and a tennis court,Or like a chocolate bar oh so sweet.

I am a star, I have five little points.
Like the little stars on Christmas trees.
Like the twinking stars up in the sky,
Like little star fish my o my.

We are shapes and we are everywhere,
Star rectangle circle and square.
We are shapes you see us everywhere,
Star rectangle circle and square.