Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace

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Jul. 30, 2015

Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace makes learning the ABCs great fun!To pre-k and kindergarten children learning the alphabet can be a bit overwhelming. Badanamu brings the fun back to the alphabet. We make letters and sounds relatable to children by using silly sounds, catchy music, and adorable characters. Letters arent just boring old letters anymore! Now they are living creatures we like to call Nemies. Remember hearing A is for apple as a child? Now A is an apple.Learn letter sounds. Whimsical characters make remembering letter sounds easyLearn letter shapes and writing strokes. Capital and lower case for all 26 ABCs Ordered writing strokes: tracing neat letters for pre-k and kindergartenLearn keywords for each letter. Cute characters associate a keyword with each letter Every letter has their own video Words reappear in other Badanamu products, helping children build vocabulary